Student Council Membership

The Chambers Student Council is composed of the class president and the elected Student Council representative from grades 7-12. This year’s student council members are the following: Jamie Koenig (president) and Trevor Klabenes, Starlea Bowen (secretary) and Jordan Laetsch (vice-president), Taylor Peter and Laura Bucknell, Alexis Butterfield and Kassidy Hoerle (treasurer), Jenae Whitaker and Cade Farewell, Wyatt Ehlers and Solan Bowen, and Mrs. Schwager, sponsor. Two of the activities that the Student Council sponsors are the Red Cross Blood Drive in the fall and Honors Night in the spring.

Blood Drive

The Chambers Chapter of the National Honor Society and the Chambers Student Council co-sponsored the Red Cross Blood Drive on November 28. Jamie Koenig and Jordan Laetsch were blood drive coordinators. The following NHS and Student Council members also provided their time and/or food: Travis Halsey, Trevor Klabenes, Daniel Libolt, Starlea Bowen, Kyra Farewell, Laura Bucknell, Taylor Peter, Alexis Butterfield, Kassidy Hoerle, Jenae Whitaker, and Cade Farewell. The drive collected 34 productive units of blood. Thanks to all the donors who helped us reach our goal.