Splash Pad Back to School Fun Run

Dear Splash Pad Committee,

I wanted to commend you on your efforts this past week in hosting the Back to School Fun Run.  With the abrupt closure to school the previous spring, it was refreshing to see the students and parents out having an opportunity to do something fun while benefiting a great cause.  Your efforts over the past 18 months to raise awareness and money for the splash pad has been remarkable.

Chambers is a small community and adding a splash pad to the community park will be a huge achievement.  We are starting to see an increase in young families in the area and this addition to the community will create a fun and safe gathering space for young kids and families.

An additional benefit of having a splash pad for the community, one that may go unnoticed by many, is the enhanced physical activity young children will have.  Increased activity leads to an overall healthy lifestyle.  It also benefits their social and emotional learning at a young age.  As a school leader, I consider these to be extremely important and valuable assets that can be brought to our community and school.

Again, thank you for all the time and effort your committee has put into this endeavor.  The rewards of your hard work will be seen in the smiles of the kids for years to come!


Frank Jesse, Superintendent