School COVID-19 Update

Chambers Public School and other area schools met with North Central, Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department, and Educational Service Unit 8 to discuss schools’ protocols and adjustments that have been made in response to increasing COVID-19 cases.

 Today, in accordance with guidance from North Central and Elkhorn Logan Valley Health Departments, schools are announcing they will plan to keep students in class as much and as long as possible.

 Schools have ongoing and constant communication with their respective Health Departments regarding case counts and how their individual schools are affected.  “To date, we have seen limited transmission of COVID-19 in our school districts and keeping students and staff in school is the safest place for them to be as they continue to wear masks and social distance during a substantial part of their day,” stated Gina Uhing, Health Director of Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department.  Roger Wiese, Executive Director of North Central Health Department said, “Our schools are doing a fantastic job with minimizing spread of the virus.”

 Since early March, Educational Service Unit 8 located in Neligh, Nebraska has held weekly meetings with public and private school superintendents, along with the Public Health Departments.  “We’ve all been very appreciative of the support we’ve received from our Health Departments,” stated Corey Dahl, ESU 8 administrator.  “Their guidance, expertise, and direction are critical.”

 If you have any questions are concerns, please feel free to contact Mr. Jesse at 402.482.5233 or by email: