Niobrara Valley Conference Junior and Senior High Track Meet
May 1, 2021
Order of Events
8:30 a.m.- Coaches Meeting in Small Gym – entrance is on the North side of the building.
9:30 a.m.- FIELD EVENTS- prelims followed by finals
In Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, and Triple Jump:
Junior High will be 4 attempts only.
High School will be 3 attempts and Finals.
Shot Put ------- JH Boys followed by JH Girls (Ring #1)
Shot Put ------- HS Girls followed by HS Boys (Ring #2)
Discus --------- HS Boys followed by HS Girls (Ring #1)
Discus --------- JH Girls followed by JH Boys (Ring #2)
Pole Vault ----- HS Boys followed by HS Girls followed by JH Boys/Girls together
High Jump --- HS Girls followed by HS Boys
High Jump-----JH Girls/followed by JH Boys
Long Jump ---- HS Boys followed by JH Boys (West side of track -pit TBD)
Long Jump ---- JH Girls followed by HS Girls (West side of track – pit TBD)
Triple Jump --- JH Boys followed by HS Boys, HS Girls followed by JH Girls (North side of the
track – east pit) We may start a pit for the girls when the pole vault is complete since it is a
shared runway.
11:00 a.m. RUNNING STARTS – Girls followed by Boys
JH 3200 Meter Relay—Finals
HS 3200 Meter Relay- Finals
JHG 100 Meter Low Hurdles- Finals (30 Inches)
JHB 100 Meter Intermediate Hurdles- Finals (33 Inches)
HSG 100 Meter High Hurdles—Prelims (Girls)
HSB 110 Meter High Hurdles—Prelims (Boys)
JH 100 Meter Dash - Finals
HS 100 Meter Dash—Prelims
JH 400 Meter Dash - Finals
HS 400 Meter Dash—Finals
HS 3200 Meter Run—Finals
JH 200 Meter Dash - Finals
HS 200 Meter Dash—Prelims
QUALIFYING FOR FINALS: Heat winners plus the next fastest times to fill eight
qualifying positions. (High School Only)SHORT BREAK—if possible
HS 100 High Hurdles- Girls
HS 110 High Hurdles- Boys
HS 100 Meter Dash
JH 800 Meter Run
HS 800 Meter Run
JH 300 Meter Low Hurdles (30 inches for both girls and boys)
HS 300 Meter Low Hurdles- Girls
HS 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles- Boys
HS 200 Meter Dash
JH 1600 Meter Run
HS 1600 Meter Run
JH 400 Meter Relay
HS 400 Meter Relay
HS Freshman 400 Meter Relay (boys and girls run together)
JH 1600 Meter Relay
HS 1600 Meter Relay