8:30 a.m.-Coaches Meeting in the Lecture Hall
9:30 a.m. FIELD EVENTS
Shot Put HS Girls followed by boys at the East Sector
JH Boys followed by girls at the West Sector
Discus HS Boys followed by girls at the North sector (wind dependent)
JH Girls followed by boys at the South sector (wind dependent)
High Jump Main Pit-----HS Girls----HS Boys
2nd Pit------JH girls--JH boys
Long Jump HS Boys----HS Girls in the West Pits.
JH Girls---JH Boys. (will follow HS--if conditions allow, JH and
HS will be at same time using the 2 pits of
West Runways.
Triple Jump HS Girls followed by HS boys (We will use the runway not being
used by pole vault ).
JH Triple Jumpers will follow HS. Order will be JH Boys--JH
Pole Vault HS Boys--HS Girls--JH Boys--JH GirlsSchedule of Events
11:30 a.m. All events will be girls followed by boys unless noted.
Finals Only
3200 meter relay JH-SH
100 meter dash JH
1600 meter run JH
400 meter run JH-SH
3200 meter run SH
200 meter dash JH
100 H. Hurdles JH Girls—30” Boys 33”
100/110 Hurdles SH
100 meter dash SH
800 meter run JH—SH
200 meter hurdles JH
300 meter hurdles SH
200 meter dash SH
1600 meter run SH
400 meter relay JH-SH
Throwers 400 relay JH-SH
1600 meter relay JH—SH