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Fuel Tax Rebate Update:

The Board of Education and Superintendent Jesse appreciate and welcome public comments and suggestions as we all know it takes a collective effort to make the school successful.  As a continued follow-up to the discussion during the February 16 board meeting concerning possible fuel tax refund, the district is working on an annual FET (Federal Excise Tax) refund.  Information gathered earlier only related to a state refund, which the district does not qualify for.  The district is appreciative of the diligence that Mr. Tony Sanderson has contributed to this manner.  The district is receiving the FET refund on gasoline purchased at Green Acres.  The total refund for January and February from Green Acres is $16.43.  The amount of refund for undyed diesel fuel does not meet the $750.00 quarterly minimum and must be filed on an annual basis.  However, based on the federal government’s formula, currently the district will receive $153.00 fuel rebate from diesel purchased at Green Acres with an estimation of $750.00 for the year.  The district is working with 95 West to complete the required documentation to be able to claim those rebates as well.  The District is appreciative and thankful for the time and effort Mr. Sanderson provided in this matter.  Suggestions and ideas from the community are always welcome.  Those can be shared at the monthly board meetings, parent meetings, or by contacting the school directly.